Bitcoin price prediction for next 5 minutes to 24 hours

Previous Predictions Accuracy

Hourly BTC Price Prediction/Forecast Accuracy

Price 1H Ago Prediction UTC Time
$21,430 $21,218 DOWN(✖) 21:32
$21,218 $21,187 UP(✓) 20:34
$21,187 $21,096 DOWN(✖) 19:34
$21,096 $21,131 DOWN(✓) 18:34
$21,131 $21,065 DOWN(✖) 17:34
$21,065 $21,172 DOWN(✓) 16:36
$21,172 $21,138 DOWN(✖) 15:34
$21,138 $21,213 UP(✖) 14:35
$21,213 $21,154 DOWN(✖) 13:35
$21,154 $21,416 DOWN(✓) 12:34


Live Bitcoin price prediction : Live prediction is UP for next 5 minutes and reference price is $21,515.

Hourly Bitcoin price prediction : Hourly prediction will UP. The reference price is $21,430 at prediction time.

Bitcoin price prediction for next 24 hours : Next 24 hour price will DOWN. The reference price is $21,049.

AI Based Bitcoin Price Prediction Hourly

Thinking to invest in bitcoin then you’re on right place. Take our AI based bitcoin price prediction tool helps for analysis and suggestions. Our bitcoin price prediction tool update every 5 minutes and give free bitcoin price prediction for next 5 minutes to 24 hours.

This price prediction is based on past price of bitcoin , buy & sell volumes , market cap. On basis of trading volumes, Our tool gives prediction every 5 minutes. There is total five predictions available for next 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour , 12 hours & 24 hours.

AI based bitcoin price prediction tool predict and gives you suggestion either prices of bitcoin will UP or DOWN from reference price (Price of bitcoin in USD at time of prediction).

How to use our bitcoin price prediction tool ?

  1. Take the bitcoin reference price.
  2. Prediction shows UP means, Price will go UPPER from Reference price. Similarly shows DOWN means, Price will go DOWN from Reference price.
  3. Don’t depend fully on this tool, It’s only suggestions not advice. Use your research & analysis.
Disclaimer : The price prediction provided on VLIVETIPS.COM is only for general information. Here we doesn't give any financial advice, legal advice or any other type of advice for investment. You should do your own analysis & research before investment. Crypto trading is a highly risk investment, Consult your financial advisor before taking any decision.