Infinity dao token price prediction Today

Previous Predictions Accuracy

Hourly IND Price Prediction/Forecast Accuracy

Price 1H Ago Prediction UTC Time
$2 $2 UP(✓) 23:47
$2 $2 DOWN(✖) 22:50
$2 $2 UP(✓) 21:47
$2 $2 UP(✓) 20:50
$2 $2 UP(✓) 19:50
$2 $2 DOWN(✖) 18:50
$2 $2 UP(✓) 17:49
$2 $2 UP(✓) 16:49
$2 $2 UP(✓) 15:49
$2 $2 DOWN(✖) 14:49


Live Infinity-dao price prediction : Live prediction is DOWN for next 5 minutes and reference price is $2.

Hourly Infinity-dao price prediction : Hourly prediction will UP. The reference price is $2 at prediction time.

Infinity-dao price prediction for next 24 hours : Next 24 hour price will DOWN. The reference price is $2.

Infinity DAO IND coin Price Prediction 2022

Infinity DAO IND Coin is now listed by BNB blockchain. Thinking to buy infinity dao coins then obviously need of future price prediction. Infinity DAO IND coins can be predicted on past analysis. Below check IND coins or tokens will go UP or DOWN and make good profit.

Our AI prediction tool predicts the price of Infinity IND Coins and give tips every minute to Hours. The prediction depends on different factors like trade volumes, market cap, price etc. Use the reference price and trade on Infinity DAO coins with our tips for higher returns.

No any AI tool or researcher can give 100% accurate tip, But you can use as second opinion. Every 5 minutes our Infinity DAO coin prediction tool gives one tip for coin price will increase or decrease for next 5 minutes.

It is a type of real time Infinity DAO price prediction because predicting every seconds is risky so we set to 5 minutes, next 30 minutes, next 1 hour, next 12 hour and next 24 hour.

So need IND coins price prediction then first check last 10 hours accuracy if more than 70%. Then you can trust and trade according to tips.

One more thing, Our Infinity DAO price prediction shows rates in USD so don’t confuse and change to USD rate on your exchange platform.

Disclaimer : The price prediction provided on VLIVETIPS.COM is only for general information. Here we doesn't give any financial advice, legal advice or any other type of advice for investment. You should do your own analysis & research before investment. Crypto trading is a highly risk investment, Consult your financial advisor before taking any decision.