Ripae AVAX PAVAX Token Price Prediction for Today

Previous Predictions Accuracy

Hourly PAVAX Price Prediction/Forecast Accuracy

Price 1H Ago Prediction UTC Time
$19 $19 DOWN(✖) 23:49
$19 $19 UP(✓) 22:50
$19 $19 DOWN(✖) 21:50
$19 $18 UP(✓) 20:51
$18 $18 UP(✓) 19:50
$18 $18 DOWN(✖) 18:50
$18 $18 UP(✓) 17:51
$18 $19 UP(✖) 16:50
$19 $19 UP(✓) 15:50
$19 $19 UP(✓) 14:51


Live Ripae-avax price prediction : Live prediction is UP for next 5 minutes and reference price is $19.

Hourly Ripae-avax price prediction : Hourly prediction will DOWN. The reference price is $19 at prediction time.

Ripae-avax price prediction for next 24 hours : Next 24 hour price will UP. The reference price is $19.


Pavax is stable Token like USDT and backed by Ripae finance project. The coin listed on Avalanche blockchain platform. The project based on finance. Safe to invest on this coin without worry.

Stable coins always profit and this is peoples favorite investment on crypto market. Financial system not directly down like volatile coins.

People can purchase Pavax Token and stake them. On staking Avax pavax coins will earn PAE rewards. Again staking PAE will earn more.

Ripae avax pavax Token price prediction

Ripae avax pavax Token price prediction for today. Its a stable coin & launched at nearly $15. Within 2 days after launch price went to 25% UP.

People is likes to invest on stable coins because its totally different from high volatile coins. Another its a finance project so no any chance to go down for long time.

All the market value and token price live on their official website :

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