Wazirx WRX Coin Price Prediction for Today

Previous Predictions Accuracy

Hourly WRX Price Prediction/Forecast Accuracy

Price 1H Ago Prediction UTC Time
$0.2359 $0.2304 UP(✓) 22:11
$0.2304 $0.2278 DOWN(✖) 21:12
$0.2278 $0.2254 DOWN(✖) 20:12
$0.2254 $0.2236 DOWN(✖) 19:13
$0.2236 $0.2221 UP(✓) 18:12
$0.2221 $0.2155 DOWN(✖) 17:13
$0.2155 $0.2199 UP(✖) 16:10
$0.2199 $0.2257 UP(✖) 15:10
$0.2257 $0.2236 UP(✓) 14:10
$0.2236 $0.2322 UP(✖) 13:09


Live Wazirx price prediction : Live prediction is UP for next 5 minutes and reference price is $0.2359.

Hourly Wazirx price prediction : Hourly prediction will UP. The reference price is $0.2359 at prediction time.

Wazirx price prediction for next 24 hours : Next 24 hour price will UP. The reference price is $0.2292.

Wazirx WRX Coin Expected Price Prediction 2022

WRX token introduced by wazirx which is crypto exchange platform. The wrx coin can be predictable by past trades volumes, High/Low, Market cap and other anaysis. No one can predict 100% accuracy on crypto coins exact price, But wrx coin will go DOWN or UP in future is possible.

We’ve created wrx coin expected price prediction tool which predicts and give tips for today and tomorrow. The price of wazirx wrx coin will go UP or DOWN. The tool works live and give prediction tips for every Next 5 minutes, Next 30 minutes, Next 1 hour, Next 12 hours & Next 24 hours.

Along with price prediction tips for wazirx wrx coin. It checks the previous given tips is CORRECT or WRONG. On the basis of previous 10 hourly price predicted, It shows accuracy percentage.

If the price prediction accuracy shows more than 70% than future upcoming tips chances will also increase. The wrx coin price prediction tool is very helpful for Intraday crypto traders. Before making crypto investments in wrx tokens, Take the suggest tips from here. Your prediction and vlivetips wrx coin prediction matches then your risk will low.

All the prices prediction here in USD rates so don’t be confuse. Almost all crypto exchange platforms gives option to change in USD rates.

Disclaimer : The price prediction provided on VLIVETIPS.COM is only for general information. Here we doesn't give any financial advice, legal advice or any other type of advice for investment. You should do your own analysis & research before investment. Crypto trading is a highly risk investment, Consult your financial advisor before taking any decision.